Furries Befur Me

Artie (Unknown birthday - 6/6/11)
He 'dopted Furmom.
He is buried onna propertee at our hous.
Rest in Peace, sweet Artie boy.

Diezel (Furmom still has him)
Furmom gots him frum sum friends in Spring 2011.

Jacob (Furmom hadda take him back to the Lab Rescue coz he didn't git along wif Furmom's step-dotters.) We hopes he has a grate new home.

This is Belle. She was born in a litter of 3 (siblings Eddie & Cindy). She was an outside-only cat when I lived with my parents. A coyote got her as my uncle watched helplessly from his yard. :-(  She was born in 2003 & was a very petite, sweet baby.

                                                          Belle with her litter-mate, Eddie.


                                       Belle with her litter-mate Cindy, and mom Mommy Kat.

I had two dwarf hamsters, named Bob & Tom after the radio show personalities. They passed away, one not long after the other. Got them in 2003 or 2004.

This is Cindy, litter-mate of Eddie & Belle. Cindy is now the only one still living. She lives at my parents' house & is an outside-only kitty. She was born in 2003.

This is Dexter, a kitten I found at my old workplace when I still lived with my parents. We do not know if he is still around.

         This is Sheba, my Siberian Husky I had when I lived with my parents. She was about fifteen when she went to the Bridge. She was shedding in this picture.

This is Rocky, a kitty I got from my neighbor when I lived at my parents' house. He was a tough boy, so I guess I had thought it would be funny to put pink/purple flowers on him. He didn't look too thrilled!
I don't know if he is still around or not.

Doodle (She still lives at Furmom's parents' hous).

Tobie (Furmom doesn't know wot happen to hims). We hopes he is safe.

This is Jasmine, a ferret I got from some friends of mine. She lived to be about 5 years old. In this picture, my mom & I had put a clip-in hair extension on her to make her look like a lion. She was always stealing things (pens, flashlights, cordless phones, remotes, lipgloss, etc.)

This is Truman. I adopted him from the animal shelter. Since he was used to his surroundings at my parents' house, we decided to let him stay there when I moved. I got him in 2006 or 2007. He is still at my parents' house.

This is Kenzie, my mom's cat. I rescued her from a gas station in 2004 or 2005. She was just a kitten when I brought her home. She has become my mom's favorite cat & still lives at my parents' house. She is mostly indoors, but sometimes she goes outside to hunt.

This is Luke. My old boss found him in a parking lot beside our office in 2007. He had either been hit by a car or someone had hurt him. He was just a kitten when I got him. I brought him home with me and he still lives at my parents' house. He is a very vocal kitty!

This is one of my first cats ever, Moe. I originally got Moe & Tigger from my cousin, but Tigger later disappeared & we believe my cousin stole him back!  He used to "share" cereal with me.

This is Melville & Rocky. Rocky is also in a picture above with flowers on him. Melville was the dad of Eddie, Cindy, and Belle. He fathered that litter with Mommy Kat. He was cross-eyed and very attached to my mom. He passed away a few years ago. 

This is Mommy Kat. She was a stray that came in at my parents' house several years ago. She bonded with Melville. They had Eddie, Cindy, & Belle. Mommy Kat was very skittish & would only let us pet her occasionally. We don't know what ever happened to her.

Myrrh (Furmom don't know wot happen to hims either). We hopes he is safe.

Sonny (Furmom doesn't know wot happen to hims either). We hopes he is safe.

Higgams. Furmom gots him frum sum peeple an he lived wif Furmom at two diffrent houses frum 2007-2009. She don't know wot happen to hims. Furmom sed he acted like a dawg.

Eddie (Born in 2003; Exact bridge date unknown, sometime in 2012. He lived at Furmom's parents' hous). Litter-Mate of Belle & Cindy.
Rest in Peace, sweet baby.

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