Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Furmom haz a group on Facebookey called "Kentucky, Ohio, & Indiana Animal Lovers". She haz about 60 beans in the group right now but would like more. Iffen you'd like to join, send her a request and she will be happy to accepts you.   She posts stuffs bout local aminals, but also ones that aren't so closeby like Mew York and Catorado.

Also, have yous hard of a kitteh named Emerson Miller from Maine? He is a bootiful kitteh that was abuzed by a mean, mean woman Now hims is paralyzed from the waist down and haz some bafroom problems too.  Furmom jus loves him and is so mad cause that mean woman did that to him.  Emerson has a Facebookey page too. It's unner "Emerson. A cat with a lot of heart".  You should look him up.  Here's a pitcher of him:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


As it turns out, Furmom gotted a new pitcher-clicky-thingy and she sayz she is going to make a regular old pawtographer out of herself. Problem is, since it's coldtime outsides, it pawbly means I is gonna be the objek of her pitcherz. This is a pitcher Furmom tooked of me jus wif her phone, not wif a fancy clicky-thingy. But she  reely likes this one and it is eben her cover photo on Faceybook!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Phoenix iz back in bidness!

So, after two long yearz, Furmom finally letted me get back on my bloggie. Furmom was real busy-like workin on her MBA or whatefur you call it. I think she jus likes ta have her nose inna book.

I missed each & efurry one of you!

Look at me meow!  I jus turned 3 in June!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Hates Man-uh-gerial Uhccounting!!!!

Furmom hasta do her man-uh-gerial uhaccounting homey-works. I thinks I can help wif the hard parts.

It sounds REELY diffycult but we gots this unner control.

Not likin' this so muchy......
Oh, how I HATES Man-uh-gerial uhccounting!!! Blast!!! I hates, I hates it, I hates it!!!
I never wants to hear about man-uh-gerial uhccounting EBER agin!!!!!
Fur now, I'll jus takes out my anger on this pen!!!
Curse you, man-uh-gerial uhccounting! Leeve my furmom alone!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jus Watchin' the Tellyvision

Furmom caughted me watchin' the Tellyvision last nite. It was stormin' outsides, all yucky and stuffs. Furmom was doin' londry, or should I say YAWN-dry. BORING. Furmom happened ta look inna sleepytime room and caughted me watchin' the tellyvision. She laffed at me like it wasn't normal fur a kitty to watch it or somethin'. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Furmom's Poor Tazte In Bookies

 Lemme jus start off by meowin' that Furmom woodn't know a good bookie iffen it hit her right sqare in the noggin'. She started readin' this bookie called "Everything's Eventual" by Stephen King. So I thot, I mighten like to read it too, jus to see what the hype is alla bout. Let's jus say SNOOZE! I honessly don't see how Furmom reads this drivel. Or any bean fur that madder.  That paw-ticular bookie is a buncha short storiez all in one bookie. So far, I has readed two short storiez and that is all I cood handle. YUCK!  

One short story is 'bout a devil-man inna black suity that tries ta get the little boy. The bean man has far and flamez in his bean eyes and tries to tell the bean boy that his momma done dieded. I thinks that is NOT furry nice ta do! I mean, who does that???  I says send the devil-man strate bak to heck iffen that was, in fact, what he was.... a devil man. Everykitty knows the devil is furry, furry evil and he will lie to a kitty or a bean to git his way. 

 Then the other short story I readed was 'bout a bean man that gotted bit by a snaky while playin' golf and the venom frum the snaky made the bean man paw-alyzed. He woked up inna autopsy room and the bean expurrrts were 'bout to cut him frum stem to stern. The whole entar story was basikally 'bout the bean man not bein' able ta move and the doktors were 'bout to do a autopsy on him and there wasn't not a thing in the worl' he could do 'bout it. Then at the last minute, another doktor comed in and told them, WAIT, DON'T CUT HIM OPEN! HE IS JUST PLAYIN' POSSUM! Well, not in those werds exactlee, but similar anyways.

First, why do beans even PLAY golf? That has gots to be one of the dumbest aktivities I ever saw. Sekond, why didn't the dummy bean golfy man LOOK where he was goin' and not go into the weedz where there could be snakes? Anykitty knows snakes likes ta stay and hide out in tall weeds and that's exactlee where the bean man went to. Dumb, stoopid, brainless bean man. 

So I guess yous could say I am not a fan of this Stephen King like mine Furmom is. I don't see what she and other beans sees in him. Everthing he writes seems to be witless drivel. I mean, a car that comes ta life and kills beans??? A huge dawg that gets rabeez frum a raccoon and traps beans inna car for days & days???? I thinks I could write better stuffs than that wif my eyes closed and my paws tied up wif pastel yellow yarns. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autum Wether

It is startin' to feel like fall these dayz.  Furmom says I haf onlee lived thru one fall so fur, and this will be my sekund. I don't mind fall. I is, affer all, a inside kitteh. Wot I don't like, howefur is WINTUR! Eben tho I don't haf to go outside in the wintur 'less I wants to, I still don't likes it coz it makes everone sad and dupressed and a kitty can't sees the grassies outside and not many birdies come to visit.

I thinks me and my Furmom shood jus take off fur a tropikal eye-land and furget abouts alla wintur time. Jus come bak wen it is warm agin and the birdies and jumpy-froggies come out to play.