Purrayers Page

                               Pleez submit commentz fur our furry furriends and furparents in need.  This will jus be a  cat-munity purrayer page fur us to reflekt and hope togefur.


  1. Please pray for the kitty in Salyersville, KY that was shot 3 times & run over by a car. May God bless the lady who helped this kitty.
    See news article below:


  2. Please purray for all the animals affected by the storms & wildfires that have been happening lately.

  3. Please purray for Beau & his mom Cathy, who are in Heaven together now.

  4. Please pray for my mom's kitten, Blackie. He went missing on Friday, September 14, 2012. She thinks my dad's jack russell may have scared him and made him run underneath my dad's truck and hide on the spare tire. After my dad left for work, my mom couldn't find Blackie. My dad has looked all around his office, etc. and hasn't found him yet. PLEASE pray. My mom loves this rescue kitty. -Furmom