Friday, August 31, 2012

Bittersweet Pitcherz

Furmom haz recently added sum new feetures to my bloggie, inclooding a page fur special purrayers fur animals (an' even beans, we don't discriminate!), and anofur page of furries that Furmom has had over the yeers.
Pleez chek them out.

Furmom gits sad when she lookz at alla pitcherz of her furries, 'specially the ones that have went to the Bridge. She wanted to make a special page just fur them wif little notes about them.

Furmom says that in her hart, she knows there is a reel Rainbow Bridge an' one day she will meets up wif alla her furries an' getsa snuggle wif them!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wakin' Furmom Is Funs!

Dis mornin', after sendin' Big Scary Guy off to werk, Furmom laid down onna couch fur a bit. I didn't want Furmom to lay down. I wanted Furmom up playin' wif me. I was hyper. Lotsa hyper. All sortsa hyper.

It was no funs havin' Furmom's eyes closed. Wot was I 'posed to do?? I don't getta sees Furmom fur much time befur her goes to werk, so I hadda maked sure she waked up!

I runned across the livin' room, ober to the couch. Nom, nom, nom, I goes on Furmom's paw. Runned off again. Circle back aroun' to other couch. Zip, zoom, run back over to Furmom. Stare at Furmom in attempt to wakes her. Mebbe if she senses me watchin' her sleeps, she will wakes up.

Nope. Didn't work.

I sticks my neck out... closer.... and.... NOM! I nommed Furmom's elbow! She woked up! It worked!

But she still not plays wif me.

I'll teech her.

Jump up onna arm of the couch..... and NOM! I nommed her hare & skalp! hehehe

Dat seemed to werk. Furmom gots up an played wif me fur a bit.  Now iffen onlee I cood keep her wif me all day insted of her havin' to go to werk alla time.  Dat will be my nex projekt!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Objeks I Would Like to Nom Tuday

 Yum, yum, yum. How do dem kitties
not have their tungs sticked out of
their moufs?
Yummy, chick-hen!

 Oh, yumm-o, milky frum a mookie!

Meow Mix foodies, one uv my faves!! 

Beef jurky, yummies!!!

Shrimpies- I wuvs shrimpies!

I jus luvs cheese! Furmom gimme cheese sumtimes!!

And who cood furget grassies! Helps muh belly!

I wood luv to nom on dis housplant, but furmom wood neber lemme,
case it was poizonouz!

And last but not leest.......... ta-da...... Ice-creamy! My faves!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flowerbeddy Makeover

 Yesserday was quite a rainy, dreary old day, soz furmom mades me stay inna hous.
 Furmom bot a birdy feeder at Wall-Mark fur $1. She sed it was on Clarence. I don't know who Clarence is, but he muss be nice. Dunno why furmom wood wanna purchase sumthing dat was onna man tho. But anywho- Furmom also bot sum birdy seeds to go inna birdy feeder.

 Dis is wot the outside look like yesserday, all froggy an darkish. I did NOT wanna go out there an git my paws dirtee an cat-ur-ated!
Dis is the flowerbeddy affer furmom & BSG gotted finnished wif it. New mulchie, sum big rocks thrown all abouts, an grasses all trimmed ups.

Since it was gloomy outsides, I stayed inna hous, sumtimes on furmom's bedtime place. Furmom opened da winnow soz I cood see outsides.

Herez a close-up uv me. I figgered since we hadda be indoors, I wood let furmom git a nice pitcher uv me ta show alla my bloggie furriends.

 Dis is da new greenie furmom & BSG gotted. I tells ya, I can't wait til I can nom on dat thing!!!! Lots of greenie yumminess fur my mouf & tummy! But furmom sed I better not nom it, cuz it cood be poison. She always takes da fun away!!

 Herez me onna arm uv da couch. I was nun too happy wif furmom cuz she kep takin' pitchers! I tole her one was enuff!

 Here is da finnish produkt uv da birdy feeder, affer furmom puts it inna flowerbeddy. I hopes da fevvery fellas comed to gets foodies an I can hide inna grasses an pounce on 'em! hehehe  But furmom done warned me bout dat too, sayin' I can't be harmin' da fevvery guys. Sheesh. Furmom needs ta loosen up!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Why Furmom Named Me "Phoenix"

phoenix [fee-niks]
1.  a mythical bird of great beauty fabled to live 500 or 600 years in the Arabian wilderness, fabled to rise from its ashes in the freshness of youth and live through another cycle of years; often an emblem of reborn hope.
2. a person or thing of peerless beauty or excellence
3. a person or thing that has become renewed or restored after suffering calamity or apparent annihilation.

I is letting furmom type dis part cause she is insistent and cause she promised me a chin-scritchin' iffen I agreed. So now I is handin' ober the keyboard to furmom. I is not responsible fur wot she may type. I can only hopes it is not embarrassin'.

[Last year, on August 17, I was on my way to work. I had taken a back road so as to avoid the traffic on the interstate. I had just passed a little plaza of stores when I saw this small, gray object lying on the road. When I got closer, I was horrified to see that it was a kitten. It was evident the kitten was hurt and couldn't move itself from the peril of the road. I found the nearest place I could turn my car, stopped the car, left the door open, and ran towards the kitten. I did not care at this point who saw me or what people may think.I had to save this kitten! A school bus was approaching just as I reached the little baby. I scooped her up & cradled her in my arms. She was bleeding from one ear and her eyes were rolled back in her head. I didn't know what kind of damage she had sustained, or really even what had transpired to put her in the perilous position in which I had found her.

I sat with her in my car, cradling her and talking to her, telling her everything was okay, she was going to be fine, I was her mommy now. She meowed quite a bit and I didn't know if it was out of fear, of pain, or something else. I examined her more closely and she didn't appear to have any broken bones. I believe, though I will never know for certain, that she was probably underneath a moving vehicle & fell out onto the road where maybe another vehicle's tire bumped her. I do not believe a vehicle actually hit her, because as tiny as she was, it would have done more damage to her small body.

I called my friend at work who is in the maintenance department. I asked if he had a box I could place her in, and perhaps put her in one of our company's outdoor buildings or storage areas until I got off work. He did have a box. I put her in there with some paper towels for bedding, but she just looked so helpless in there. So I held her in my lap, at my desk all day (9-5). I tried to feed her, but she was still too weak and addled to have an appetite. My husband agreed to let me keep her. She improved more that day and the next, so I didn't feel like I needed to take her to the vet. (My husband might NOT have let me keep her if we had a vet bill to pay).
I named her Phoenix because, when I stopped my car & was walking toward her, she was trying to pick herself up off the road to get to safety. Like the mythical Phoenix, she rose from the ashes and found new hope, a new beginning.

Now Phoenix has her "furmom" and I have my best friend, who gives me "sugars" by rubbing her mouth and nose against my face. I love her more than I could possibly explain.   ]

The Chase Is On: Uh-Oh, I is in Deep Trubble

I seems to has a big problum. BSG (Big Scary Guy) has catched me onna kitchen counter sevral times tuday. Furmom was gittin' reddy fur werk & BSG was packin' up his lunchy. For sum reeson, I ducides I wants to be onna counter.

BSG done chased me roun' the house & telled Furmom he gonna kills me and various udder swares & not-nicies.  I runned unner Not-So-Loud-Hooman's (Ashlee's) bed & Furmom comed & gots me & tooked me to saftee.

I don't know why I wants onna kitchen counter so muchy. But I gots to get that thot outta my kitteh hed, or else BSG is gonna kills me.

Anykitty has any ideas to helps me stay offen the counter? 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Funz in da yard

I hadda check out da new mulchie that furmom & BSG bot. Hopes it don't stain muh pawsies!
 Then dis lil guy comed out ta play. Furmom tried pickin' 'im up, but he went bafroom on her hand! Why he hadda go an' do that for??  BSG said she gonna git warts frum it.


Then furmom picked up a empty turtley shell in da flowerbed an' this one waz unner it, kinda buried down in da groun. ha-ha-ha   I wood NOT wanna stick my rumpus down inna groun! He waz funny!

I figgered iffen I was outside, I might az well try eatin' some greenies. Furmom said I pikked the thikest, tuffest blade uv grass on da propertee.

Furmom waz snappin' a pitcher wif da clicky, so I got embarrassed.

Dat was prolly the bestest greenie I ever eated in muh life!

I rolled aroun' a lil bit in the drivingway too coz it felt nice an' the temperture cooled down outsides.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Not agin!!!!

Uh oh! I was passively lissnin' when I hurd furmom say dat I need a bathtime soon!

Akshully, I don't mind bathtimes at all.  Sumtimez when furmom is in da bathtubby, I likez to stand an' balance on the side uv it.  Furmom sayz I am reel good bout gittin' my bathtimes.

Itza Jungle Out Dere

Furmom tooked me outside ta view da grate outdoorz. Herez summa our prettiez frum da flowerbed.

Furmom reely likez dese prettiez an I do too.

I likez how da insidez uv 'em are diffrent colorz.

Some dekorative grasses that BSG (Big Scary Guy) recently trimmed back.

My crazee furmom will take pitcherz uv jus about anything.

Dese are cool coz they alreddy bloomed once, now they are blooming agin.

BSG (Big Scary Guy) bakked da mower outta da building an dese creeturez were unner it. Da mom runned off threw a hole in da side uv da building. Furmom waz werried soz she wrapped da baby creeturez up in toilet tissue an put dem in a safe spot for when dere mom reeturned. We chekked on 'em later an da momma mussa comed an got them. Yay!!

Furmom jus hadda snap a pitcher of da big browned bear. Look at 'im wif his tung all sticked out and ewwey. Yuck!

Den furmom seen a slippery something. It had sevral colorz- red, gray, and black. It was about six inches long, furmom sed. I waz getting a little edgy at dis point, so furmom tooked me back inside da house where it waz safe.

I think it mite be a while afore I try to venture outside agin. Dat slippery could got me, but I prolly woulda tore him up wif my kitteh fangs.  Furmom sed she took him to a neerby field an turned him go.

Next time I go outside, I am waring Kevlar protektive clothes, a gass mask, an' furmom better carry me all over da place!!

Fotogenic Kitteh

Herez me hidin' unner the junk table.

Herez me restin' in da floor.

Herez me comin' outta Karlee's (Loudest Hooman) fort she made for her toy piggy. I cot her not lookin' and ducided to have a look inside.  hehehe

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Me an Da Big Browned Bear

I almost furgot dis pitcher uv me an furmom's dawg, Diezel Ray. I tole him he bedder getz outta my way or I'z bust him up reel good. Dat dawg won't know what hittim. hehehehe

More Pitcherz Uv Me

Dis is da furst day furmom gotz me, August 17, 2011.  Herz rescewed me frum bein runned ober agin.

I wazn't feelin' da bes dat day, I waz all shooked up. Furmom took me to her office an kep me dere all day wif her and tooked care uv me an neber lef my side.

Ya can see, I waz reel out uv it. I layed in Furmom's lap da whole time she waz werkin'.

Furmom sed I waz her kitteh now an she wood neber eber lemme go.

Dis pitcher is affer I gotz a lil bit bigger. I likez ta lay on furmom's bedtime place. Itz softy.

I likez ta watch furmom ekkercise an sumtimez I eben prutend I havez big mussels. hehehe

I likez ta walk on da ledg in da basement while furmom ekkercises.

I also likez ta attak BSG's (Big Scary Guy) legz sumtimez. I prutend itz a scary monaster an it reely kinda iz.

In dis pitcher, you can't much seez it, but I hadda q-tip in muh mouf. I stoled it frum furmom's bafroom. hehehe

Dis is one uv muh favrit spotz in da hous- on da register in furmom's bedroom.

An dis is anudder one uv muh favrit spotz- da luvseat. I sleepz reel good dere.