Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alla Wants Fur Christmas

So I figgered since Furmom & the BSG are mucking up the hous and I can't rightly play wif my toys like usual, I cood make a Christmas list of what I want this year.

I wood LUV to have this. I could invite so many kittehs over ta play wif this!!!

Everykitty needs a auto thingy. I too little to drive Furmom's VW auto thingy, soz I thinks this is more my size.

Of course I luvs my Meow Mixies ....Yum Yum Yum... not just fur Christmas, but ALLA time!!

Dis looks like so much funs! Course it wood mostly be jus me playin' wif it, but if anykitty wood be interested in visitin', I wood be more than happies to share.

YUM, nippies.  I never had some, but I has herd other kitties meow on & on bout it soz I thinks it mite be worf a try. Mebbe I can ask Santy Claws fur some cause I don't know iffen Furmom wood approve.

This bedtime looks so comfies. I soooo need this. BSG wood be so jelous of me wif my soft bedtime!

And last but not leest- a mousie guy. This one looks like meebe he gots his ears stretched a little too muchy, but I takes him anyways. I cood chase this guy alla way to Kingdom Come and back agin!!!

That's all I can thinks of right now fur my Christmas list.... I hope Furmom sees this, all exzept the nippies one... hehehehe 


  1. I want one of those trees too! Hey, is it time to put up the Christmas Tree yet?

    1. I thinks the Christmas tree will needs to be put up soon. Wen Furmom & BSG were moving out the old FURniture, Furmom finded a Christmas tree ormament behind the dresser. Hmmmm, I wonner who put that there hehehehehe I likes to hide things in inaccessible placies!

  2. We've not done our Chrissymouse list yet!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

    1. This will be my sekond Christmas on the Erth, so I has to make it gooood :0)