Friday, September 14, 2012

Door Play

This mernin', Furmom was gettin' reddy fur werk & I felt like playin'. I wood bring her my favrit toy, she wood throw it, I wood retreev it, then bring it bak and drop it at her paws so she cood throw it agin.  Then she wasn't throwin' it quik enuff, so I ducided to play wif the door. Hey, I know how to innertain myself! I don't ALWAZE need Furmom to haf funs!

Furmom wood tuch my pawsie and I wood jerk it bak unner the door reel quik-like. It was a pretty fun game!


  1. That looks a fun game Phoenix - did you manage to dab your Mom's fingers too?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

    1. Wells, I coodn't reely get at Furmom cuz it was hard to turn my pawsies unner the door. But I did get her bak by almos spilling her pawsie-polish. hehehe

  2. That IS a fun game! Salem loves to play pawsie unner the door. And you have some really cute toes!

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