Thursday, September 6, 2012

I is a good helper

 Herez me playin' wif my green-occupus-thingy. I has a yellow one an' a green one. The green one I shares wif Furmom, but not the yellow.

 Herez me restin' on Furmom's Hope Chest. I was tired that time!
         Herez me agin wif my green-occupus-thingy.
 Herez me tryin' my best to steel Furmom's bakon. hehehe She gived in and shared wif me.
 Herez me tryin' to steel Furmom's oaty-meel. I thot I wanted it but I not likes it so much!

 Herez me helpin' Furmom & the BSG put togever FURniture. I is a good helper, can you tell?

 I hadda lay on these slats soz nobody steeled them. Furmom wooda been real angry iffen I lets somebody steel those.
Herez me onna new matching tayble in Furmom & BSG's bedtime room. I likes it coz I can see outta winnow at alla birdies and such.


  1. We can see you were very helpful laying on those slats - we hope you moved before the table top was put on them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

    1. I moved coz BSG sayed "Outta the way, Stoopid!!" I don't know wot that meens but it sounded loud and skeery so I runned!

  2. What a big helper you are! Those slats weren't going anywhere! How nice of them to build that table just for you to look out the window!

    1. I thot so too! Now all the better to keeps an eye on everythin'! I is a good watchkitty.