Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Me an Da Big Browned Bear

I almost furgot dis pitcher uv me an furmom's dawg, Diezel Ray. I tole him he bedder getz outta my way or I'z bust him up reel good. Dat dawg won't know what hittim. hehehehe


  1. We have a soft spot for photos of kitties and woofies getting along. Even though you're threatening him, you look like you're getting along.

  2. I think itz funny dat he is skeered uv me. Dat thing ways prolly 90 poundz an I way 6 accordin' to my furmom.

  3. Wow, that is a huge doggie. More like a horse.
    Mine adopted Mommy was a woofie.
    She teached me all kinds of good stuff, like how to fetch and follow and point. Hers was tha bestest Mom in tha whole world. She was a toy poodle, but hers was still way bigger than me, at tha time. I was a scrawny little rescue cat.
    Hers ran off to the Bridge a few years ago and I sure miss her.
    I love woofies.
    Love & Purrs,

    Pee Ess: I just love yours bloggie, so interesting. You's a cute kitty, too, good markings.

    1. He iz bout six er seben years old, says furmom. When furmom haz him onna leash, he pretty much pullz her whereber he ducides to go. Woofies makes good pals sumtimez. Wot waz your woofie's name? I am glad to heer dat she raised you like you were hers own. I likez when diffrent kindsa animal critters gets along.

      I herd bout dat Bridge place frum furmom. She sayz she had lotsa fur frinds go to there ober the yearz.

      Thankz fur visitin' my bloggie, I am glad you likez it :-)