Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Pitcherz Uv Me

Dis is da furst day furmom gotz me, August 17, 2011.  Herz rescewed me frum bein runned ober agin.

I wazn't feelin' da bes dat day, I waz all shooked up. Furmom took me to her office an kep me dere all day wif her and tooked care uv me an neber lef my side.

Ya can see, I waz reel out uv it. I layed in Furmom's lap da whole time she waz werkin'.

Furmom sed I waz her kitteh now an she wood neber eber lemme go.

Dis pitcher is affer I gotz a lil bit bigger. I likez ta lay on furmom's bedtime place. Itz softy.

I likez ta watch furmom ekkercise an sumtimez I eben prutend I havez big mussels. hehehe

I likez ta walk on da ledg in da basement while furmom ekkercises.

I also likez ta attak BSG's (Big Scary Guy) legz sumtimez. I prutend itz a scary monaster an it reely kinda iz.

In dis pitcher, you can't much seez it, but I hadda q-tip in muh mouf. I stoled it frum furmom's bafroom. hehehe

Dis is one uv muh favrit spotz in da hous- on da register in furmom's bedroom.

An dis is anudder one uv muh favrit spotz- da luvseat. I sleepz reel good dere.

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