Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pitcherz of me

Here is me hidin' on furmom's vanudy chair. I gotz many uh hidin' placey.

Here's me on one uv furmom's binkies. I like ta lay on it coz itz softz.

Karlee (Loudest Hooman) put me in dis blasted play-baby-roller-bed-thingy & I hatez it. But she coberz me up so I can't escapez.

Herez me layin' on BSG (Big Scary Guy) while he waz sleepin'. MOL (Meow-Out-Loud)

In case ya can't tail, I likez boxez. Dis was when I waz jus' a lil kitteh.

I don't know how Loudest Hoomin alwayz catches me, but dis time she gotz me swaddled up in sumting.... You know what dat sumting is??? A CURTIN!!! How she getz a curtin to wrapz me in??

I wuz jus lil den. She waz alwayz catchin' me, but I been gettin' swifter nowadayz and smarter-stronger too.

Loudest Hoomin (Karlee) even strapped me down in da babydoll strolley too. As ya can see by muh expreshion, I dint like it too many.

Dis is muh favrit pitcher of muhself. Furmom took it, cot me off guard, but I supposin itz not a bad pitcher. I waz helpin' furmom make da bed by holdin' down da mattrez.  I think dat helps her real good.

Karlee (Loudest Hooman) putz me in dis babydoll contrapshion, but at least I gotz ta chow down on muh meow mix foodies. Yumm-o!

Furmom givez me a bathtime and I was cold, so I gotz mysef down in da couch to keep warm like.

Loudest Hoomin (Karlee) wrapped me in dat danged curtin agin!

Furmom likez ta snap photoz uv me loungin' round the house. My eyez look cool, huh?

I loved dis play-box but furmom said we prolly shud give it to da garbage boy man in da big stanky auto-movey-thingy.

Furmom giben me sum yo-yo-gurt, or whaber itz called.

I waz so sleepeyz dat time.

I waz checkin' ta see what furmom had.... turnz out it waz a camra.

I waz hidin' from da big browned bear. hahaha He will neber lokate me in here.

If BSG (Big Scary Guy) layed his eyez on me up here, boy wood I be in trubble!!!

I likez ta lay on sissy Ashlee's stuffs. hehehe

I waz sleepeyz dat time too. I layed muh head on da mini claptop thingy coz it waz warm.


  1. Phoenix, kittie, you are being really nice to those little sticky beans. Most of us would be up on the top of the cat tree at the first site of that stroller.

    PS: If you list your posts at the Cat Blogospere, it is a lot easier for kitties to find you.

    1. Sumtimez them beans reely try my paytience. I triez to put on my happy face :-)

  2. We are pleased to make yer acquiantance, Phoenix!