Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flowerbeddy Makeover

 Yesserday was quite a rainy, dreary old day, soz furmom mades me stay inna hous.
 Furmom bot a birdy feeder at Wall-Mark fur $1. She sed it was on Clarence. I don't know who Clarence is, but he muss be nice. Dunno why furmom wood wanna purchase sumthing dat was onna man tho. But anywho- Furmom also bot sum birdy seeds to go inna birdy feeder.

 Dis is wot the outside look like yesserday, all froggy an darkish. I did NOT wanna go out there an git my paws dirtee an cat-ur-ated!
Dis is the flowerbeddy affer furmom & BSG gotted finnished wif it. New mulchie, sum big rocks thrown all abouts, an grasses all trimmed ups.

Since it was gloomy outsides, I stayed inna hous, sumtimes on furmom's bedtime place. Furmom opened da winnow soz I cood see outsides.

Herez a close-up uv me. I figgered since we hadda be indoors, I wood let furmom git a nice pitcher uv me ta show alla my bloggie furriends.

 Dis is da new greenie furmom & BSG gotted. I tells ya, I can't wait til I can nom on dat thing!!!! Lots of greenie yumminess fur my mouf & tummy! But furmom sed I better not nom it, cuz it cood be poison. She always takes da fun away!!

 Herez me onna arm uv da couch. I was nun too happy wif furmom cuz she kep takin' pitchers! I tole her one was enuff!

 Here is da finnish produkt uv da birdy feeder, affer furmom puts it inna flowerbeddy. I hopes da fevvery fellas comed to gets foodies an I can hide inna grasses an pounce on 'em! hehehe  But furmom done warned me bout dat too, sayin' I can't be harmin' da fevvery guys. Sheesh. Furmom needs ta loosen up!


  1. That is a darn fancy flower bed! We fancied ours up with fresh weeds!

    1. Furmom gits all excited bout stuff that has to do wif flowers an dekoratin'. I is jus innit fur the birdies!! hehehehe

  2. That plant in the pot...we had one. Had. It gets very tall and it's leaves are most 'specially fun. It was purrty hard to kill it, but we put a lot of effort into the job.

    1. I is glad yous got the best of that plant. hehehe

  3. Hi Phoenix, nice to meet you!!
    We had a look around your blog and we liked it lots :)
    You are a mighty good looking kitty too :)
    Your garden is very col,way better than Mom's,heehee
    We'll be back to visit :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

    1. Thanks you! Mebbe yous can come visit muh garden sumtime. I cood use sum help catchin' the birdies and such. Mebbe even a froggy er two.
      Thanks fur visitin' muh bloggie :-)

  4. Mum says would you teleport over and get rid of our weeds please.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

    1. She sed sure thing. Can I comed wif her an play wif Hannah & Lucy? :0)