Friday, August 17, 2012

Dawgz sumtimes is dumbz

Ok, soz I seen dese pitcherz of dem dumby dawgz anna just hadda share.

Can you EBEN imagun a smarty kitty doin' dis? Dis is paw-thetic!  "Yeah, letz jus go lay down in sum trough water an get all nasties." Onlee a dawg.

And dis hound.... don't eben git me started. Wat a spoiled pooch.

Dis dawg gotz uh reel problem wif hisself.

Dese dumby dawgz don't eben reelize how dumb dey axshully look!

Lookz like dis dawg'z boat iz bout to sinky.

I do likez ice-cream, but deze dawgz jus makin' foolz outta demselbs.

Dis dawg reminds me uv da big browned bear (AKA furmom's udder kid-dog, Diezel).

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