Thursday, August 16, 2012

Muh Yellow Occupus Enemie

Ok, wellz, here is muh yellow-occupus-looky-thingy. An' here is a viddyo uv me doin' wat I do ta it. Furmom iz makin' me post the viddyo much to muh chagrin, but she feedz me good foodies so I can't rightly say no!  Viddyo to follow laterz.


  1. Hey, Phoenix. That looks like a fun toy.

    Most of us prefer balls, cause they roll and you can chase them then.

  2. PS: Phoenix (and beans) - you might not know it, but you have the dredded word verification on. Lost of kitties & beans have trouble fighting through WV, and some others just refuse to try. FWIW.

  3. Furmom buyz me sum diffrent toyz, but I tend to like da yellow thingy for sum reeson. Itz kinda like I am chasin' a reel prey.